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Director of Operations, Rachael Fields

Day Services encompasses several programs directed at assisting individuals with an intellectual disability or a severe mental illness in becoming as independent in their functioning as possible. Services include

  • Developmental Training/Sheltered Workshop employment
  • Home Based Services/Facilitation
  • Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA)
  • 24 hour Supervised Housing for the Mentally Ill

Programming is based on the individual needs of the consumer and may include training in the areas of socialization, recreation, community living skills, motor skills, work skills, money management, and medication compliance. Our goal is to help individuals to reach their fullest potential, gain independence, and become active members in their community.

As you view our web site, it is our hope that you realize how important you are to the success of our clients. It is though the contracts provided by local businesses that we are able to provide sheltered employment. If you have a business, please give us an opportunity to see what we may be able to do for you. It is through generous donations from the community as well as the support of our fund raisers that help us have additional money to purchase items needed for our consumers, to participate in social and recreational activities, and host holiday celebrations.
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Developmental Training

Home-Based Services

Sheltered Workshop

Residential Services for Developmentally Disabled Adults

Residential Services for Mentally Ill Adults


Certified Community Day Service Program
Community Integrated Living Arrangement