About HSC

About HSC

Group meetingSince 1975, the Human Service Center has been providing a wide range of professional behavioralĀ health and intellectual disabilities services to meet the needs of residents in Southern Illinois.

Our mission is to assist people in achieving self-sufficiency, independence and healthy life styles to the maximum extent possible by providing integrated family oriented services.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to care is delivered by professional staff with expertise in psychiatry, counseling, crisis intervention, residential services, case management, developmental training services, and community support.

We are dedicated to providing superior care and value to those we serve while always being responsive to the needs of our community through innovative services.

Accreditation, Licensure & Certification

Accreditation – Council on Accreditation (COA)

Licensure – Child Welfare Agency, Substance Abuse Treatment, DUI Services

Certification – Developmental Training,
Community Integrated Living Arrangement,
Community Mental Health Medicaid Services